Sunday, December 13, 2015

+ 365 days 340 - 346

Day 340 - Monday

So after everything that happened last week my uncle is still unwell - he was taken back to hospital and after examining him they realised the reason he is struggling to breath is due to there being water on his lungs. They have given him medication to remove it so hopefully on the correct meds and with some time he will start to feel better soon

Today's positive is getting a diagnosis that we can work with for him

Day 341 - Tuesday

After work today I sorted through my Christmas pressies - I didn't get so far as wrapping them but I have checked and I have gifts for everyone yay! no more christmas shopping!!!! Most of the pressies I have were bought in the sales or have been won other the last year. I'm not tight or stingy with money but we are a big family and I could never afford to buy everyone as much as I have gotten them if I didnt win stuff or buy things in the sales.

I'm really happy I dont have to do any more pressie shopping - Cardiff city centre is crazy at the moment!

Day 342 - Wednesday

After work tonight I went to bingo - I didnt win sadly but it was nice to get out for a few hours and not worry about family stuff. With my uncle being so sick and my sister being evicted things can be crazy and I spend a lot of time running around after them so it was cool to just chill and not really think about anything. I go to a bingo called club 3000 and it's pretty cheap. I normally spend under £10 when I go and that includes books and dinner. They do some really nice meals all under £5 and I take my own drinks - I can never trust they will have pepsi max available and I cant stand diet coke :)

So today's positive was taking some time out for me - would be nice to say it was winning a few grand but hey ho

Day 343 - Thursday

Tonight my dad came down to stay for a few days. I get on really well with him ordinarily but he is super loud I think it's because he lives on his own most of the time. However one of the nice things about him coming down is he always buys me dinner hehe

Anyways hes only staying til tomorrow night because his friend is collecting him and they are going to meet with some other friends - he will then get dropped back here on Sunday and go home Monday and peace will reign for about a week until he comes down for Christmas.

He is staying with us from around the 20th Dec - 4th January when he flies out to Benidorm for 2 months which he has done every year since he has retired!

so today's positive was a free dinner ha!

Day 344 - Friday

Today in work I started to buy the prizes for the games we will have at out staff meeting - I get everyone to give £1 and then I buy a bunch of prizes which I wrap up - at our staff meeting we play silly games like pin the nose on rudolph and pass the parcel and the winners get prizes its just a way of building team spirit and all that jazz and this is my 3rd year of doing it and everyone seems to really enjoy it :)

Today's positive is doing something positive for someone else in this case for the rest of the staff I work with :)

Day 345 - Saturday

Today I cleaned my room - it had gotten to the point where it was disgusting - I mean seriously there was a clump of hair that the cat had taken out of the bin gathering dust in the corner it was that sick. It took me 3 hours to clean it completely and scrub the floor and stuff and I was so happy when it was done but also super tired too. I didn't end up changing my bedding though so that's a job for tomorrow!

Today's positive - clean room :)

Day 346 - Sunday

Today I sorted through my shoes - it's quite traumatic for me having to g et rid of them but when I can no longer close the cupboard door it's time to get rid. I ended up offering 12 pairs of different shoes on freecycle so I hope someone else will enjoy them and I now have space for my Christmas gifts when I get them to be stored in the cupboard. I really need to sort my makeup and smellies drawer next. Anything opened but still useable will go to freecycle and anything unopened I will donate to the shoe boxes for Christmas for women in homeless shelters

Today's positive is I feel really good about getting rid of my shoes....well I don't because I love them but I know its the right thing to do!

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