Sunday, December 27, 2015

+ 365 Days 347 - 360

So another 2 weeks have flown by without me doing anything on the blog!

Excuses are all well and good and I do kinda have some good ones - my uncle has been poorly, I had to collect my father from West Wales and now he is firmly ensconced in m living room and asks me every 5 mins what I am doing - apparently writing my blog is not good enough and lets play cards, talk about world politics or listen to another long winded story about people I dont know from his holidays :/ oh and that small thing of Christmas has happened too!

So this is a quick run down of what I have done :)

Work - we had 12 days of christmas in work for charity with different events each day for just over 2 weeks (the weekend didnt get included), we also had our christmas staff meeting with bring a plate lunch and games and stuff all organised by me phew, then we had christmas lunch in the canteen, breakfast somewhere else, and all manner of other things - in between doing all this and trying to actually get work done before being off for the hols we also had a couple of computer failures - yes our computers were down for half a day and it was chaotic phhht. But work is now finished until 4th of January and I am currently spending my days attempting to sleep til noon (my father isnt playing along with this) and in my pjs eating chocolate!

Social stuff - I've collected my dad and he is here until 3rd of Jan so no peace for me now - he lives alone so he is loud loud loud but not long til he goes on his hols for 2 months! My uncle has been round several times for dinner, I have visited my sisters and spent time with my nieces and nephews. I have done pressie and card runs and visited friends - seriously I need a break from this stuff and some me time lol

Christmas - Christmas day went well - didnt get up until 10am had a ridiculous amount of pressies from the parents every year they seem to try and out do each other - I genuinely got so much that I have had to sort through my clothes and belongings and give loads away to make room for the new stuff! We visited my aunt and uncle (my dads fam) and cousins and spent time making small talk before home to help prep dinner for my uncle and the fam who came round. We dont do christmas dinner we do a hot and cold buffet and let everyone get on with it. We finished off with some board games and chat - my uncle had a couple of whiskies with my dad so I offered to drive him home so he could have a few more and they both seemed to enjoy themselves. Boxing day we did our usual tradition and went out for christmas dinner at a local pub - 3 courses for 11.99 was great - dad picked up the bill for the drinks too and as I was driving him and the uncle had a few bevvies. I spent a few hours sorting through more of my stuff and putting a bunch of it on freecycle. A lady I know contacted me and asked if I had any socks left over to donate to the homeless (I had offered over 55 pairs on freecycle!) so agreed to put some to the side for her along with scarves and gloves - her church along with some other sin the area are open up until march to give the homeless somewhere warm and dry to sleep and they collect things like clothes and smellies for them.

Today (Sunday) I braved driving to our local What shop - I wanted to get some wrapping paper and bits in the sales to put by for next year - got some 10m rolls of quality stuff in red and gold for 45p each and also picked some up for my sister along with cards too for 30p as I know she wouldnt even dream of it and then next year would be stuck. Also got some lovely new butterfly bedding for my bed reduced from £12.99 to £5.99 which I am happy about - bloody cat must have rolled in oil befor e leaping on me bed on Christmas day and the old bedding (less than a year old I might add!) is completely ruined.

So my positives? Fun times in work, Fun times with family and friends, lots of amazing food and drink and tonnes of awesome pressies :D

I also tried entering lots of competitions in the run up to Christmas but havent done any since Christmas eve there's just been too much on and its a bit rude when you have guests to be sat playing on your laptop! I'm going to try and do a couple tonight but I seem to have lost my comping mojo - I normally enjoy comping comping up with silly rhymes and trying to make interesting comments on posts etc to get noticed and of course the fun photos but I found all the advent comps to be really stressful my OCD hated that I wasnt entering every single one but it was impossible! Now it's calmed down I can go back to my usual hour or 3 a night when I am chilling watching tv and enjoy it again!

Also I just realised in 5 days I will have made it to my target of 365 days positive (more or less) so I need to think what I am going to do with the blog. I have struggled to write a post every day due to time contraints rather than not having anything to say lol

My plan for the new year is to try and get fit and lose weight so maybe I will organise the blog around that - will really have to have a think about it :)

Anyways I hope anyone who has taken the time to read this has had a wonderful christmas :)

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