Wednesday, March 18, 2015

+ 365 Day 77


Today brought home to me how much the weather affects my mood. When it's sunny I'm much happier, even when its a crisp winter's day I'm happy but as soon as the rain starts or it gets grey and miserable I start getting grumpy. I'm pretty sure I should be leaving somewhere warm & sunny like the gorgeous city of San Diego (any american companies out there wanting to sponsor someone with zero skills and minimum wage earning abilities please look me up :P ).

Anyways today it's been sunny in the 'diff - for anyone reading not in Wales a sunny day in the 'diff is a good day! We have a beautiful green country thats kept green by the abundance of showers and rain we get all through spring, summer autumn and winter! So lovely sunny days are to be savoured and enjoyed.

Sadly I was in work but managed to get out for a nice long walk in the sunshine on my lunch break.

I am happy that the weather is starting to improve, I can't wait for the summer, to go camping and kayaking, to go coastal walking and see the stunning views and just to feel the sun warmth on my skin.

Like around 10 million other people in the UK I have a tendency towards a vitamin D deficiency - they check my levels and when they are low I have to take supplements - so for me summer is a time to top up on my natural levels too.

So todays short post's positive is - bring on the sun and the summer and the sunny weather :) And I hope it's going to continue to the weekend too :)

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