Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cut Price Mattresses

Buying Mum a New Mattress for Her Birthday

I recently got a promotion at work, and one of the first things I promised myself if I made more money was to buy my mum something really nice. With her birthday right around the corner, I wanted to spend some money on her on something that she would really enjoy. Her house is full of little things I have bought her over the years, none of which she really needed but hangs onto for my sake I am sure. So I decided this year I was going to buy her something that she would get use out of for years to come. Just last Christmas I bought her a new bed, but getting her a decent mattress too was well out of my budget at the time.

So I decided that I was going to surprise my mum with a brand new good quality sprung mattress. She has always slept on this open coil mattress style because of her back issues. She was involved in an accident a few years ago, and she needs a firm mattress to sleep on each night to relive some of the pain she experiences. My mum does not believe in ever throwing anything away, and I think she would have still been sleeping on her 10 year old mattress if it wasn't for me. So with only a few weeks until her birthday in July, I had to get serious and start shopping for this new standard sprung mattress.

The first thing I did on my day off after my new promotion was to set aside some time looking for the best deal on a new mattress online. I wanted this to be a surprise, and I wanted to try and have it installed in her bed frame before she knew what was happening. She never leaves the house, so not only did I have to find a great mattress, I had to figure out how to coordinate the delivery without blowing the surprise. So I started my search and quickly became overwhelmed at all the online website claiming to have the best deals on new mattresses. Luckily I found a company called cut price mattresses who not only had a huge inventory of sizes and styles, they had a flexible delivery schedule as well.

So I spent some time earlier researching the type of mattress my mum needed. I was not going to mess with success, so I ordered this standard sprung mattress in the firmness she already enjoys. I already knew the mattress size having bought her the bed for Christmas only a few months ago. The order process at this website was lightning fast, getting me to the delivery page in seconds, allowing me to choose the perfect time for her mattress to be delivered. So I decided to choose a lunchtime delivery, and would sneak my mum to the local coffee shop for a birthday drink while my sister sat at the house and let in the delivery guys.

Having dealt with late delivery guys in the past, I had a signal system worked out with my sister so I would know when it was safe to bring her home for her surprise. I had already planned in my head that after lunch that me and mum could go shopping and run errands, keeping her busy for hours if necessary. While we were still eating our muffins in the coffee shop, my phone rang with the message the coast was clear and my sister was heading back to her house. This was only 15 minutes after the scheduled delivery time, I was blown away at how efficiently they arrived and did their job.

So without having to even stall, I drove mum back home and before I left I told her I had a small surprise for her for her birthday that I wanted to give her. We walked into her bedroom, and since my sister made up the bed, you had no idea what was going to happen. I told my mum to sit on her bed, and tell me if she noticed anything. Immediately she knew it was a new mattress!

She was super happy and couldn't thank me enough for it. She's forever telling me it's the best night's sleep she's ever had.

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