Thursday, March 12, 2015

+ 365 Day 71

Today is a mixed bag

I visited my aunty in ICU - it does not look good, she's on a ventilator, dialysis, nasal feed, catheterised and has a colostomy bag fitted. She is also on a shed load of other wires and drips. There has been no sign of her waking and they have been unable to wake her form her medically induced coma. Her body is bloated and swollen from fluid and she is covered in bruises - from the treatment. I dont believe she will come out of it and if there is significant brain damage I dont believe she would want to - she always said if anything happened and she needed that level of care to let her go with dignity.

I found her nurse to be unhelpful and rude and I dont feel she is getting the best level of care - they have not done a brain scan to see if there is any activity, - she went into hospital walking and within 2 days is in organ shut down and a coma.

I have accepted that she probably isn't going to wake up - I will miss her a lot.

On the other hand - my sister got the all clear it was just a severe infection

Today has not been a good day but it's not been as bad as expected and I am happy for my sister

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