Thursday, March 5, 2015

+ 365 day 64

Today is Thursday

Today I had my diabetic review - I'm pleased to say I have now lost 9kgs since December and my diabetic bloods came out at 61 - normal is 48-58 and my last result was over 90! So this is a HUGE improvement!

Tonight I attended a new fitness class - I have renamed it several things my current favourite is bounce lard ass bounce!

The actual name of the class is something like RikaShake and it basically involves doing random things on a trampette - today that included bouncing in the centre, bouncing from side to side, bouncing and twisting, bouncing,twisting and kicking a leg up, bouncing and squats, bouncing and running .... well I think the message is clear it's a lot of bouncing and surprisingly a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it and at £3.50 for a 30 minute work out it's not bad. I managed to fling myself off the trampette into a wall (during the hop on one foot and bounce in circles bit) and towards the end my speed up, regular and slow running were all at the same walking pace, I finished up red, sweaty and panting - as did pretty much everyone else there including the super skinny people so I didn't feel so bad.

I will be going back next week

I also had a random package arrive for me today - it was a competition win from the world of cross stitching magazine and was 2 cross stitch sets worth £40. I have donated one to Vale Cat Rescue to sell to raise funds and I have kept the other one to try myself. It's been a while since I did cross stitch so I am a bit out of practice

My mum's mother's day heart arrived today too - it's super cute and I'll get some pictures up when my new phone isn't spending 4 hours updating.

Today's positives have to be the awesome diabetic clinic results and the equally awesome jump fat boy jump class :)

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