Saturday, March 7, 2015

+ 364 Day 66

Today has been a meh day

By that I mean nothing has gone particularly wrong or been bad but I have kinda felt a bit meh about it all. I'm feeling very tired which makes me grouchy and kinda miserable and grumpy for no reason really.

Rather than focusing on positive things I have been nit picking and grumping my way through Saturday. Little things have annoyed me and I have made them bigger than they are.

I have snapped at my mum and dad the dog and the cats, growled at a poor woman in aldis who accidentally nudged me and yelled abuse at about a hundred cars and drivers during the drive to West Wales and back (luckily it was me inside the car and not face to face)

I really dont know what put me in such a bad mood - I slept okay, I've just started some probiotics (which I won), no-ones been mean or nasty or anything it's literally like I fell out of the wrong side of bed.

To anyone and everyone I yelled at, snapped at, glared at and generally acted grumpy towards I unreservedly apologise.

I guess the positive for today is at least I can recognise when I am basically being a stroppy bitch - recognising and acknowledging faults is the first step to overcoming them - right?

I am hopeful tomorrow will be a better day - and if it isn't then I hope I deal with it better than today

Thats all

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