Saturday, March 28, 2015

+ 365 Day 86


Despite yesterday's sad news today hasn't been too bad. I cried a lot last night so I woke up really snotty and bunged up this morning.

I've agreed to go to my aunties place on Monday with my mum so we can help sort everything out regarding registering her death, the funeral, the bills etc. I've never had to do something like this before. I'm not sure why her hubby thinks I can do it? I work in admin but in a completely different field.

My other uncle her older brother went to see her today in the chapel of rest and said she looked peaceful and like she was asleep. I am glad he was able to get that closure.

It feels wrong to say it but there is almost an element of relief that its over. It's been really difficult coping with everything hanging on a thread now shes gone we can grieve properly and carry on. We wont forget her but we can compartmentalise the loss so we can continue to function and carry on with our lives.

So what else happened today?

My new hoover from arrived I will be putting my review up in a couple of days.

My honey monster tee shirt arrived with a signed photo from the monster himself - I gave it to my mum as they didnt have any in my size which was slightly gutting

A free sample of felix crunchy cat food arrived ( a pouch with a sachet of biscuits you sprinkle on top) Lady had that for her supper and devoured it happily

A free sample of burberry lippie arrived - thats going in my nieces christmas hamper.

My dad was down so I took him to the flea market for a bit - it's got really busy there since the last time we went - he bought a set of comedy dvds for £1 and I bought Jac dog an easter pressie of winnie the pooh in a bunny outfit - Jac loves his cuddly toys although it doesnt take him too long to destroy them. Got it from a doggy rescue stall for 50p. Last of the big spenders.

Thats about it really. I dropped dad at the station to get his coach back to west wales and came home and did my video review and written review of the hoover for ao and then spent lots of time with people calling about aunty chris and watched tv and entered some competitions as I doubt i'll have time next week

I managed to get 3 free tickets to go to a preview of a new comedy called The Duff for tomorrow morning for me, my mam and my niece, at  local cinema.

Today's positive - all the calls and messages of support from people, the nice comments and memories of my aunty being shared.

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