Sunday, March 8, 2015

+ 365 Day 67 part 2

Just a follow up to my earlier post :)

I did manage to keep the positive vibe going but it was difficult!

Some good things from today:

- finally finished the purina trial by completing the final survey submitting all my reports etc. I love taking part in these and I try to do my best to make sure the company gets all they need from it too - after all they have stumped up a huge amount of free items to get this feedback so its important to give it.

- tidied my room - well kinda - I still have one corner to do and I need to vacuum change the bedding and mop the floor but I did manage to put all my presents away under the bed, sort out all the cat rescue stuff to go and put away all the clothes and shoes which had started to mount up too

- went shopping to What shop :) I dunno if these are all over the country or just in Wales but they are pretty cool. They have like the surliest rude staff ever so dont expect customer service and you will be okay :P They stock like every type of item, furniture, home wares, cooking, garden, craft etc all at stupidly low prices. I got some hot pink butterfly ribbons and some felt butterflies to decorate my chest of drawers - they are form ikea and kinda bland looking so im going to put stripes of ribbon on them and if I have any spare also on the bedside cabinet and book case too. I also picked up a new bedding set - its the same pattern as the set I already have but in browns purples and pinks it was half price at £5.99 so total bargain. I also got some really bright pink paint to do a feature wall again half price at only £4.99 for a can. I got a tin opened for work so I dont need to keep stealing ours and some pattern colouring books. The colouring books are for me - I find colouring relaxing but dont want fluffy bunnies - the geometric shapes and patterns are cool to do. All in all I spent just about £16 and will hopefully be able to revamp my room a bit :)

I have photos to upload but my net is being a bit dodgy again tonight (thanks sky) so will add them in tomorrow.

I'm off to bed now for an early (for me - its only 1am I'm normally up til 3/4)night as I want to try and start work around 715 tomorrow so I can work some time up to visit my sis Thursday

So the result? Lifting yourself out of a grump rut can be hard - but by taking time to try and be positive you can change that feeling slowly. Tonight I go to bed feeling more positive and happier than I did yesterday and hopefully tomorrow will be better again


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