Saturday, March 14, 2015

+ 365 Days 72 & 73

Day 72 - Friday

I didn't post for today as I took the dog to get his stitches out after work - it took me an hour and half to get from my house to the vets (a trip thats normally like 15 mins tops)

After that we grabbed a chippy dinner as we were shattered coming home - which we ate and then I went to bed - at 8pm and slept right the way through until like 6am. I don't normally sleep more than 3-5 hours - I think worrying about my aunty is getting to me.

So I guess the positive for today is that Jac is now stitch free and collar free and he's loving it

Day 73 - Saturday

Today I went to get some new glasses - I won a competition on Facebook for a £100 voucher for a local opticians - they are only open at set times so had to be there early. I chose a nice funky chunky turquoise pair and ended up paying like £59 on top to get them thinned down. So not a free pair then lol.  I kinda expected that though I have a really complicated prescription I'm -10 and a bit in both eyes which basically makes me blind as a bat, I also have astigmatism in both eyes to different extents which makes my - 10 more like a -12 which means I have HUGE lenses jam jars dont even come close. I could have had the glasses without the thinning but that would have made them look super ugly - I know I have done that before. The glasses will take a couple of weeks because of the complexity of my prescription but I am looking forward to them coming - as I wear glasses all the time I like to have different colour frames. I can and do wear contacts in the summer but again due to my complicated prescription and the fact I have larger than normal pupils I cant wear them in the dark as my pupils get too big and my vision blurs.

After that I got a text from my sister saying she and H were on the way to Cardiff and what bus should she get from town to my house. She wanted to surprise our mum by calling down with her Mother's Day gifts - she hadn't realised there was a match on and a Wales one too in the Stadium. I persuaded mum to come to town with me and my sis turned up and got to spend some time with us.

I used my one4all card that I won in a comp on facebook and treated me and my mum to some new shoes, I also got my sis a new lightweight stroller for H as her's is broken. H has low tone and doesn't walk yet at 19 months so my sis needs a working stroller for her. We also popped into Sports Direct where I got some new work out trousers, a sports bra ( been wearing 2 to my fatty jump aka rikaShake class as couldnt find my old one!) and some new jeans. with the trousers in a 16 and the bra in an 18 I'm deffo feeling better about myself fitting into smaller clothes even though part of me is a bit dubious about buying more clothes in case this is a short term thing and I balloon back up to a 24!

After that I treated us to dinner in Pizza Express - we had 3 different pizzas plus doughballs and drinks and it came to £52 with tip (the waitress was brilliant with us and with H who is teething and grumpy). The food was delicious and we would have stayed for desserts but the match had finished and town was heaving so we thought it best to head home. I paid for dinner using my one4all card too - I have like £16 left on it after 3 hours in Cardiff but oh well it's nice to treat the family :)

We came home - sorted the stroller - had a quick chat and then my sis had to head to get a train back home. She's pretty stressed out at the moment - my aunty who is in hospital lives next door to her and is more like a second mum than an aunt. They are super close and my sis is really upset about everything thats going on. I think she needed today with us to just get some away time from it all.

So today's positives are: fitting into smaller clothes, getting gym clothes so I can continue to lose weight, tone up and become more healthy, helping my sis out and spending family time :)

Tomorrow is Mother's Day so for any Mum's reading - Happy Mother's Day for Sunday

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