Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Microbiome Plus+ GI Review - 10 days in :)

As I have said before this year I have been on a health kick - I am talking healthy eating (for me that is actually including fruit and veg in my diet and excluding far too many meals out, take aways, fast foods and junk foods) and healthy being - exercise class - I am doing the RikaShake class - think aerobics on a trampoline/Trampette and back swimming and walking for at least 20 minutes every lunch time in work.

I entered into and won a comp on another bloggers site for these Microbiome Plus+ GI tablets.

I was given a code to use to order them for free with free p&p from amazon. They were from a company called iShopNutrition! and they are posted internationally from the USA.

Considering they were coming from the USA they arrived within 2 weeks so not a bad turn around.

The company has a lot to say about these pills - you can read all the positives etc on their amazon page here.

But the gist of it is according to the makers:
- they promote improved mood and energy levels
- help you lose weight
- improve and maintain health

The cost for 1 month's supply is £19.99 and this includes free p&p

So when my package arrived I was quite impressed. It came with some info about the products, a months supply of the Microbiome plus+ GI & a weeks supply of the Microbiome plus+Heart - I haven't tried the heart ones yet as I am sticking to my trial of the GI ones for now.

So each week is separated into a box and there are 2 blister packs in a box - one for the am and one for the pm. 

There's 2 tablets per dose so your actually taking 4 tablets a day. Which I didn't expect - I was expecting a vitamin type pill. They are tablets and capsules form and they are around the size of a paracetamol tablet/capsule so not huge but not overly small either.

I have been taking these now for 10 days and haven't seen an improvement in my tummy health that is noticeable so far - that's not to say there isn't wonderful things going on in my tum - it's just I can't see any improvement right now.

However, I have seen an improvement since day 4 of taking them in my sleeping. I normally struggle with sleep - I generally sleep only 3-4 hours a night which leaves me groggy and tired, since I have been taking these I have been getting more like 5-7 hours sleep a night and I am more awake and alert during the day.

I have lost weight whilst on them however I am not sure if this is due to the pills or due to the fact I am eating healthily and exercising more.

I have another 18 days to go on these but so far so good. 

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