Sunday, March 8, 2015

+ 365 day 67 Part 1

Following on from yesterdays grump fest I have decided that today I am going to start the day positive to try and break the bad mood cycle.

I woke up to a cat purring and licking my nose - not the best way to wake up but not the worse (she could have been sat on my face farting! - see sense of humour - slightly warped but coming back)

I didnt feel particularly happy as I woke up but as I lay there trying to decide whether I should indeed get up or just go back to seep I made a conscious decision that today is going to be a good day!

Hence the early post.

So positive things for today:

1 -  now my dads stuff is gone from my room I can give it a good tidy and clean and also put away all the birthday, christmas and easter pressies I have for the family

2 - today is day 3 of the microbiotics - apparently you start to feel the effect of them from day 3 onwards - they are supposed to give you more energy and a happy tum!

3 - I found my nephew's girlfriend on facebook and messaged her to remind him to get my sister a mother's day card off him, his baby sister and his son - my aunty normally does this but as shes in hospital she isnt able to and I know my sis would be upset without receiving anything (and neiter of the dads is on the scene to do it!)

4 - My aunty is improving :) we still dont know the extent of the damage and she is still in ICU but she is now breathing on her own with support, she still has several lines going in including antibiotics, fluids, feeding tube and ongoing blood transfusions but that is still good news

5 -  I'm going shopping to one of my fave shops - I have no money lol but I still plan on buying a few bits and pieces :D

I am going to do an Part 2 later to let you guys know if I managed to keep my positive vibe going despite my general inclination to be a grouch!

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