Wednesday, March 11, 2015

+ 365 days 68 69 & 70

Firstly I have been lax the last few days with the blog - not because I'm totally lazy but because I have been struggling with the whole positive attitude - I've not had good news about my aunty - she's not getting better :( they can't wake her from the medically induced coma, she had fallen and bumped her head 2 days before her hospital admission but they didnt check so now they are thinking there's a bleed on the brain so she has to have a scan and shes gone into kidney failure - I'm going in to see her tomorrow and also to find out what the hell is going on as they refuse to give any information over the phone - only to her husband who is a diagnosed alcoholic with diagnosed brain damage! My sister is getting the results from breast clinic too tomorrow - again not really positive about it as they have recalled her urgently :( So it has been a real struggle to be positive. The posts are short but I will try and do better in the future

Day 68 - Monday

Took all the kitty rescue stuff to work and passed it on so my room is now tidy! Had a migraine all day though and came home from work early. I then pretty much slept from about 1pm til 5.30 got up for 3 hours and back to bed. So today's positive is a nice clean living space.

Day 69 -Tuesday

Still had a migraine so started work late. I'm grateful that my work allows me to have a flexible working policy so that if I have a migraine or allergy flare up rather than taking a sick day I can start later - happily the migraine cleared up completely :) Dyed my hair which I haven't done for a while - will put a separate post on that as used the VS salonist dye - wasn't hugely impressed with it - the colour is nice but not the colour on the box. Today's positive is flexible working and bosses that allow it.

Day 70 - Wednesday

Got new uniform in work - am happy to say I can now fit into size 16 trousers woohoo :)

So that's it 3 days in 3 very short paragraphs - I am remaining positive that tomorrow will get us some good news about my aunty or at least some clear information. And hopefully if my sister has got some bad results they will have caught it nice and early

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