Sunday, March 1, 2015

+ 365 - Day 60 - MARCH

Pinch Punch the First of the Month - No returns!

So today is the 1st of MARCH  which also happens to be St David's day for us welshies :D

Today I planned to chill out - do some competitions on fb and twitter and generally slob about but it didn't quite pan out that way.

I was woken up pretty early for a sunday by the phone ringing this morning - I ignored it thinking it was my niece lizzie (lizzie has special needs and the concept of dont call me before 11am on a sunday or I will kill you is one she just doesnt get!)

It carried on going until finally my mum got up and answered it - score 1 for me! except it wasn't good news it was my aunties hubby calling to tell us my aunty is pretty sick - shes currently on iv fluids and blood transfusions is hallucinating and completely out of it in hospital. After he freaked us out we called the hospital and yes she's poorly but it's not as bad as he said and mums going to pop in and see her tomorrow.

After being kicked out of bed much much earlier than planned I decided to clean the litter trays - They get a full clean once a week and a scoop clean a couple of times a day. Anyways I got catsan last time I bought litter because it was on offer - such a BIG MISTAKE. The stuff stuck to the trays like glue, it didnt absorb any of the smells and after emptying the trays completely and soak them there was still bits of it stuck to the sides so i had to get rubber gloves on and scrape it off with my hands! never again!!! back to pets at home good old antibacterial clumping for us - at least that doesn't stink and doesnt react with cats pee to turn into super glue.

After the funness of cleaning the trays which took me 2 hours to do - it's normally a 30 minute job! I brought our new freezer upstairs - I should point out we live in a maisonette which is basically a house split into 2 with separate entrances - we live upstairs and our neighbor lives downstairs and also because we are on a corner our flat is on one straight and the guy downstairs is on another - weird huh? Anyhoo - we got a new freezer from freebies - so its not actually new just new to us which I collected yesterday and left downstairs so the gasses and stuff would settle after it was on it's side in the back of my car. We had to carry it up the stairs and then clear a space for it in the kitchen and switch it on and then after a couple of hours to check it was working we started transferring food from our chest freezer to it - the chest freezer needs to go because we literally cannot find anything in it and when we were sorting we found food from like January 2013 which had to be chucked which is a complete waste.

We got that mostly sorted theres still some stuff to be sorted through in the chest freezer but its nearly done - so then I thought I would sit and do comps but the door went and it was someone coming to collect stuff they had bought from the kitty rescue, then another friend messaged me and asked me if I could collect something for her as the person getting rid of it lives round the corner. I'm like okay doing this last thing and then totally getting my comp head on.

Came home and Jac the pup had pooped  on the floor! Cleaned that up - couldn't yell at him as he's still recovering from his op. Whilst I was cleaning I remembered I hadnt changed my bedding so did that and then collapsed in a heap on the chair.

Seriously when did sundays become such hard work?

Anyways managed to enter a few comps tonight so I'm hoping I'm lucky :D

And today's positive is kinda more of a pact - we are going to reduce our food waste - I have stickers and we are going to label food with date it goes in the freezer and whats in it and use by dates so we can make smarter choices. We threw out today over 5 bags of food and our food recycling bin is full and there is probably more that will need to be thrown away - this is totally shocking apart from the fact it's a waste of money it's a waste of a valuable resource too - so many people are in poverty and we can waste food and chuck it - so not acceptable

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