Saturday, February 28, 2015

+ 365 Days 58 & 59

Day 58 - Friday

I am late with this update as today was chaotic - like seriously crazy! Basically ages ago we arranged for the dog to have his op (snip and hernia repair) for today. Then last week I got a recall notice for my car - apparently the brakes were dodgy - the only day they could fit us in was today. I also arranged to pick up some cat food for the kitty rescue again for today (yep I'm an idiot)

So my schedule was 8.30am - leave house with dog for op but there were road works on the short cut to the vets so had to go the long way through rush hour! Managed to get to the vets for 9.15 tho and dog was dropped off. Then I had to drive back across town to the registered garage to drop the car off for 10 - luckily some of the rush hour traffic had cleared so I got there just before 10 - they told me originally my car would be ready after 3 hours when I dropped it off they told me they had 8 cars in and that it wouldnt be ready until after 5! By the time I finished up at the garage it was 10.20 - I had arranged to pick up the kitty food at 1030 so walked over to the ladies house - as I dont know that area of cardiff so well I had to walk using my satnav which told me it was a 30 minute walk but happily it was much shorter only 15 minutes - maybe I walk really quickly ? It was only like 1 1/2 miles - got to the ladies house 5 mins late - when I knocked the door (several times!) it was finally opened by a rather grumpy man who I had woken up - apparently the street has flats and houses so the numbers are duplicated and I'd been hammering the wrong door - sorry mister for waking you up after your night shift! Finally found the right house and she was out... I waited around for 5 mins and started to leave when I noticed someone coming down the street with a kiddy - I've never met the lady who was donating before so I kinda sidled down the road after her to see which house she went into and yay it was her. She had just taken her little boy to the corner shop to get some sweeties. Cat food collected I walked into town to get the bus home -  I thought it was gonna be a 5 minute walk - I was wrong it was a 25 minute 2 mile walk. Knackered doesnt come close!

Got into town and there was my mum waiting for the bus (she had caught the bus into town from the garage but gotten the wrong one lol)

Got home around 12ish and had a message from the drs telling me my script was ready to collect - so I walked to the drs picked it up and headed home - halfway home I realised I had forgotten to drop in a letter for my mums so I had to walk back to the drs.

Got home again about 1ish and was ravenous so had some lunch and then got a phone call to say my aunty had been rushed to hospital - spent ages on the phone trying to work out what the heck was going on - shes been unwell for a while but they were waiting to do tests and stuff. Then had a call from the vets to say Jac was ready to collect. Due to rush hour decided I would leave at 4 get the 415 bus with my mum to town and then walk to the garage whilst she switched buses to get to the vets and then I would met he with the car. Happily my uncle called and offered to give us a lift - he dropped me at the garage and took my mum to the vets - picked up the car around 5ish and was home by 530. Cooked dinner and made dessert for my mum and uncle and also cooked some chicken breast for Jac as a light treat. By time they got in and we had eaten we realised it was getting quite late and I needed to get some shopping so headed out to Morrisons - got home and unpacked the shopping and collapsed in a heap at around 10pm and then I went to bed. So no blog update.

Anyways the positive is Jacs operation went well, I didnt give anyone food poisoning with my cooking, I got a shedload of exercise and my car is fine :D

Day 59 - Saturday

Today I have been crazy tired and Jac has been a very sad little dog :( he's in a bit of pain, he hates his buster collar and he isn't too fond of us either. After yesterday's crazy day I haven't done much - photographed some items for the kitty rescue selling page that have been donated. I also popped to my friends to drop off the drynites and stuff for her which she was happy with.

Today's positive is lazy days spent in your pjs :)

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