Sunday, February 22, 2015

+365 day 53

Yay today is Sunday FUNDAY

So today me my mum and my niece headed out to Cardiff Airport as they had a holiday fair on. We already have our hols booked for this year. We are going to Niagara Falls for 3 days, Las Vegas for 4 days, then staying at Disney World for 7 days before moving to International Drive (also Orlando but closer for Universal studios and seaworld) for 9 days whoop whooop whoooop!


Anyways we wanted to go look at the fair because we are not doing Disney next year - we have been for last 3 years and much as we love it - it is damn expensive and so next year we are going to do a cheaper holiday to somewhere different. Our vague plan at the moment is to do 10 days in Canada and 4 days in Iceland as with Iceland air you can do a stop over of up to a week with no charge. Price wise its coming in at around about £1200 per person based on this years prices. We were hoping at the fair we could find out where is good to visit in Iceland as we would like to see the Northern Lights, and to find out if we could possibly fly from Cardiff rather than heading down to London to fly. Whilst we were there we also picked up some brochures on Croatia which is our second choice just because it's somewhere different and it apparently had Gorilla sanctuaries and stuff to see.

Unfortunately none of the companies there did the exact holiday we fancied :( but we have got the brochures to look through for inspiration and to find other excursions etc that can be done.

We spent a good hour or 2 wandering around the booths and chatting to people - we also picked up some freebies, my niece got her face painted and KLM had a free photo booth to get photos done with silly hats on which me and my niece just had to do :D

Freebies - yay - coaster, pens, stressball, sweeties and flipflops :)

KLM Photo Booth

Lizzie in the Fez & Me in a pilots hat

On the way home we stopped off at The Rhoose Toby Carvery and had sunday dinner there - it was fantastic - I'm not a big veg eater really but they had a great selection (carrots, red cabbage &cranberries, peas, green beans, cauliflower, swede, roasties and mashed potatoes) 4/5 different gravies, loads of different sauces, HUGE yorkshire puddings and a good choice of meats - beef, turkey, pork or gammon. The food was delicious I had red cabbage and cranberries which I haven't tried before which was amazingly good also scoffed down carrots, peas and green beans, roasties, mash, pork, gammon and beef, stuffing a yorkshire and loads of beef gravy nom nom nom

The drinks are bottomless - you just go refill them yourself - drinks cost £2.50 each and carvery was £8.99 per person. We were all too full for desserts but they looked and sounded fab too.

During the week they do like 2 carveries for £11 so we will deffo be going back :)

On the way back we stopped off at ASDA so I could buy soup for the diet for work for next couple of weeks and so that mum could buy some other bits.

So today's positive is just enjoying family time - we had a lovely day just hanging out and chatting about holidays and stuff :)

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