Sunday, February 15, 2015

+ 365 Day 44, 45 & 46

Day 44 - Friday

Today's post is late due to my internet being down ... again (thanks sky!)

Today's positive was tat I have managed to raise in last couple of days over £50 for the kitty rescue selling some donated items whoop whoop.

Vale Cat Rescue is really important to me - it's the rescue I got my beautiful Lady cat from and it has a no kill policy. Being small and independent it relies entirely on donations and the fundraising efforts of volunteers. It's vet bills run into the thousands each year and its always a struggle to bring them down but it's worth it. Small rescues like this one are doing a damn sight more to help animals in need on their low budgets than the bigger well known rescues - VCR has helped animals when the RSPCA have refused to help - RSPCA have even suggested putting down some of the animals as it's cheaper than the vet bills to help them. DISGUSTING!

But anyways yay for the kindness of people and the money coming in to help the rescue - £50 may not seem much but thats 2 lots of vaccinations plus food for a few days!

Day 45 - Saturday

Today's post was delayed due to the sky once again not working.

Today's positive is chocolate - Today is Valentine's Day - now being single it's not a big day for me buuuttttt I went to Morrisons and they had loads of chocolate reduced YES! Score!!!

So I ended up eating a whole bag of Minstrels whilst watching the voice oops not good for my diet but oh so yummy.

I am most definitely a comfort eater - eating nice food makes me feel good - unfortunately all the food I like isn't so healthy so I am trying and mostly sticking to my diet to eat healthier and lose weight

After tonight no more chocolate for me for at least 3 days and then only a small amount no more over-indulging!

Day 46 - Sunday

We have recently been worried about one of the snakes - Morfa - hasn't eaten for 2 weeks which is very unusual - she normally eats once a week. She's also been very still and inactive. I was worried she might have a blockage - happily today she shedded - I think it must have been a difficult shed for her as she spent a while in the water bath and shedded in it. Since shedding she has been dancing about in her viv, flicking her tongue and generally making feed me gestures.

I'm very happy she's okay as there isnt a great deal you can do with sick snakes - very few vets deal with them and it's super expensive to see one who does.

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