Saturday, February 7, 2015

+365 Day 38


Today's positive is LUSH products - I really really REALLY like their stuff but I'm like super allergic to their store - even walking past it my hands start itching and swell up - if I actually go in then my eyes and lips swell up and I look like a really ugly frog. Also I can't use all their products which is a shame but I can use some.

I got a really cool box of stuff from there for Christmas - I cant use things like bath bombs as they cause my skin to burn (seriously I get chemical burns from washing up liquid !) but it also had this like soap putty which I could use. This stuff if awesome it;s like play dough and smells really good and you can use it as soap as a bubble bath or as a shampoo. Once you have finished you just let it dry a bit and wrap it back up. I used it today in the shower and it was fab 1. because I didn't get a reaction yay and 2. because it foams up really well and 3. I used it on my hair - it left it a bit knotty but it also left it super shiny and clean looking :)

Fun Putty
I also had a hand and body lotion - it smells and looks divine a bit like vanilla icecream and again no reaction but super smooth gorgeous smelling skin after :)

Hand and Body Lotion
LUSH Sympathy for the skin

I can actually still smell it on my and it's like 14 hours later!

So I am a happy bunny I got to use some of my xmas pressie (not all of it but my mum enjoyed the bombs and bath soak) and I smell fantastic!

Oh and here are pictures of my black cats taken today when they were chilling and snoozing :)




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