Sunday, February 8, 2015

+ 365 day 39


So today has been kinda busy - cleaning the flat, walking the dog, cleaning the stinky litter trays, cleaning the snakes viv, washing the pet food bowls, cooking dinner, emptying the bins, hoovering etc the list goes on.

I actually dont mind doing house work - there is something nice about having things clean and in order. There's a couple of things I do every day which if I dont do I feel bad about and it makes me edgy. I have to make my bed every morning - I strip the covers back and open the window even in middle of winter to air my bedroom and the bed while I am showering and dressing and then close the window and make the bed. I hate leaving the bed unmade - when I was younger I was the most untidy messy person in the world - you couldn't see my bedroom floor for the piles of empty packets, dirty clothes, clean clothes, books and other assorted crap. It was pretty disgusting and foul - a typical teens room and very gross. I had to make a conscious decision to clean it one day and it took me a whole week to clean and sort it - I threw out about 12 full black bin bags and since then I clean it properly once a week (dust, hoover, steam, change bedding etc) make the bed every day and put away clean washing every day and dirty washing in the laundry bin.

The other things I do every day is the dishes as soon as they are finished with - mould freaks me out and back when my room was a sty it was full of stuff that grew mould I was nearly sick cleaning it urgh

And of course clean the kitty litter trays - they get a scoop clean daily and a full empty and bleach/disenfect was once a week. The litter we use forms little balls when the cats pee on it so we literally just have to remove the balls of wee and poop daily and its nice and fresh for the kitties to use after.

Anyways my sunday has been pretty busy doing the house work and I spent some time catching up on writing up conversation reports and feedback surveys for the proplan trial - I am really glad I made notes on each convo on the back of the research forms otherwise I wouldn't have remembered everything. I want to give as full and honest feedback as I can and hopefully they will see that :)

I've also spent some time comping - I use ThePrizeFinder for comps and also some comping groups on facebook. I like to do a weeks load of comps in advance on TPF during the weekend so that during the week it only takes me around 30 mins to catch up on any new comps that are out on there plus to do the FB ones. Because I work full time and have other commitments (the kitty rescue, family and my pets) I cant spend a huge amount of time comping and I miss out on lots of the short ones because I am in work so by trying to enter as many of the longer ones as possible I know I am at least trying.

I only started comping at the end of November, and only really properly got into it in January so I am still learning but it's a fun hobby and I have won some cool bits which I have given to friends and family.

So anyways today's positive is kinda simple really - and it's that some jobs might be dirty and boring BUT when you have a good outcome it's worth it - knowing that your house is clean, you room is tidy, your kitties are happy - makes it worthwhile :)

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