Friday, February 6, 2015

+ 365 Day 37

FRIDAY whoot whoot

Well today has been a pretty awesome day for me as it's been like a super lucky day comp wise and I have won several prizes which I am super excited about.

Just because I can here is what I have won today although when it will all arrive I dont know!

- 2 vintage style dresses from Lindy Bop on FB - they look gorgeous and I can't wait to get them and take pics to show you all!

- a new doggy coat from Jac - this was from one of the blogs I follow AnnaInWonderland - the coat itself is coming from PetShopBowl and she has passed my details to them and they have e-mailed me to say order confirmed which is super exciting and I think it will come next week - the coat looks pretty neat in smart tartan and it's waterproof so once it arrives there will be plenty of walkies and photos to follow :)

- something from Sunny Delight on their FB page - now I am not 100% sure but I think this is going to be a voucher to get a free bottle of SunnyD - I can't actually remember what the main prize was but I got like a runners up prize - but a free bottle of juice is always good and they do the low sugar ones too which is even better when your diabetic as let's be honest the regular one has enough sugar in it to keep my on a sugar rush for a week!

- a little gift pack from Jennings Brewery which has post-its, a luggage tag/lock and a compass keyring

- a bottle of original source shower gel - the new lemon and coriander scent (I want to say flavour as they smell good enough to eat)

So that's 6 wins if you count the dresses as 2 - now I am quite lucky and I normally win little bits maybe once a week so thats like a whole month's worth of wins in one day. Kinda wish I had bought a lottery ticket now!

So that has made me super happy today!

Also I have posted all my reviews from the purina proplan trial - just waiting for them to be approved and I'll post some links - basically the food is great - expensive without a doubt with prices ranging from £4.50-£8 for a pack of 10 pouches depending where you look - but worth it if your cat requires specialist food!

Today's photo's are of Lady enjoying the sunshine on the window sill she looks grumpy but she's actually just the happiest dumbest kitty around :D  (I think I might be turning into a crazy cat lady!)

In case your wondering why all the pics of Lady and Leo? It's because my little black beauties Morticia and Dena don't like having their pics taken so much and when I do take them the camera on the flash alway's catches them in an odd light but I will look out some nice pics of them to post tomorrow :)

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