Monday, February 16, 2015

+ 365 Day 47

Today was weigh-in day - I weigh at work using their scales so I know it's accurate :)

And whoop whoop another 600g lost

I now weigh 88.5kgs that's under 14 stone so still MAHOOSIVE but as I was over 15 stone to start I am happy.

Even more so my mum picked me up a pair of jeans in a charity shop today in size 16 and they fit!!!!

Lets be honest I am never gonna be a skinny Minnie but I would love to get down to a 16 on top and a 14 on bottom so am happy with my progress :)

So I hope most Monday positives will be another bit of weight loss but I know today's is :)

Also did a power walk today probably not the best idea in my heeled boots - have a large blister covering my paddy bit of my foot - must remember to take daps or trainers tomorrow :D But did a mile in just under 15 mins - not quite Usain Bolt but not so bad for a short fat welshy

Happy times

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