Tuesday, February 10, 2015

+ 365 Day 41


I have been on a winning streak - okay there isn't any massive life changing prizes but there are some awesome ones in last 2 days :)

£100 gift card - not sure where it's for tho!
The Equaliser on DVD
Black Carbon - Thriller book
Signed copy of LoveSexLies book

Pretty happy with that

Also my dresses from Lindy Bop arrived today and they are gorgeous and came beautifully packaged too. They look way nicer than my photos show

It's like my birthday - such a beautiful wrapped parcel with a cute little bow too. And a close up of their incredibly cute logo

My 2 cute dresses all double packaged up too The lighter one is a Bella dress and the darker one is LEDA

And a signed poster for We still Kill the Old Ways plus the DVD

I love getting post that isn't bills hehe.

So I guess today's positive is happy mail :D


  1. well done on all your wins. Nice to have a lucky streak

    1. Thanks - I was considering buying a lottery ticket but I am pretty sure thats pushing my luck too far!