Thursday, February 5, 2015

+ 365 day 35 & 36

Day 35 - Wednesday

Short post today as my mum has succumbed to the lurgy I had all last week and unfortunately I am still not completely over it either but now have to look after all the animals and her!

Today what made me happy was a nap - I don't sleep very well generally I am a really light sleeper, it takes em ages to go off and I tend to wake a lot - average for me is around 4 hours but sometimes it can be as little as 1-2 hours. This makes me tired and dis-tractable and of course grumpy (I said at the start of this blog that I'm a grouch hence the postitivity challenge!)

Anyways today I got home from work and took a nap and it was fab - seriously I think compulsory hour long naps in work is the way forward to increase productivity I have suggested it on numerous occasions to my boss but shes not buying it!

Me and 2 of the 4 kitties snuggled up and read for an hour before going to sleep - I only slept for about an hour or so but I woke up and okay I was groggy at first but after about 10 mins I felt awesome! And I had plenty of energy to walk the hound too!

Day 36 - Thursday

Today is my Friday (remember the previous post on doing 4 day weeks whoop whoop until end of Feb?) This of course meant craziness in work trying to get on top of everything so that when I go back in on Monday I can manage stuff. I gotta be honest sometimes in work I feel like I am juggling, there is always something urgent I have to get done, there's always the backlog of stuff that is just general things like sending out reports and letters, responding to email and phone calls, plus monthly tasks like setting up clinics, plus other stuff comes in and it kind of feels like if I stop then everything will come crashing down around my head. It's not a great feeling and I wish I had a job that was less stressful - I remember doing data entry and scanning - they were jobs that required little thought the scanning especially - remove staples, put a piece of card between invoices, and repeat - simples.

My mum is still sick, I'm still taking care of the animals, I'm way behind on my responses and recording of conversation reports etc on the Purina Trial I have been doing - we have in fact finished so I really need to get them all done am hopeful I will do them all and the testimonials/reviews tomorrow. I think it's important to put all this stuff up after all the company has basically sent us around £50 worth of free cat food - they aren't doing it to be nice they are doing it to get genuine feedback on their products so the last I can do is submit all the reports and surveys etc I have done.

Anyways enough waffling and complaining this blog is supposed to be about being positive so today I found out that I have been selected for another product trial via supersavvycircle and I am really excited about it - its for the new vidal sassoon salonist hair dye range and I am hoping I get my chosen colours for me and my mum and friends :) I don't have any gray in my hair yet which at 33 is pretty cool but I do like to dye it as I have a natural blonde streak which makes me look rather like a fat Morticia Addams! I am pretty keen to try out the red dye and have been putting off dying my hair for last couple of weeks since I knew about the trial in the hope I would be chosen. Packs should be sent out next week and then it's trialling time :D

I thought I'd finish off today with an awesome photo or 2 of me from back when I was 18/19 - I'm sure you will agree that dying my hair red is a definite improvement on this look :) Poor quality due to them being old pics hehe

Goth with Falls & Dreads

Rocking the hot pink and black look

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