Sunday, February 1, 2015

+ 365 days 30 & 31

Day 30 - Friday :)

Today I am happy because I took Leo to the vets and his eye is healing - we still have to carry on with the drops until the redness is completely gone but there's nothing nasty indicated or damage

I swear worrying about pets has to be what it's like when you have kids! Such a relief to know hes going to be okay

Day 31 - Saturday

I didn't actually do anything today I spent it in my pjs - did the usual bedding change and tidy and that't it.

I did however stay up until like 4 am watching youtube clips lol So today's positive is youtube parodies - some of the people on youtube are so creative and so funny yet we would never know it without youtube.

Some of my fave parody channels:

Key of Awesome

Bart Baker

Venetian Princess

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