Monday, February 23, 2015

+ 365 Day 54

So being Monday and back to work always sucks. Today I am still bunged up and full of a cold and didn't really feel like work 0 I weighed in and had put weight on too so not feeling so positive!

But I did manage to get out of the office dodging hail storms, torrential rain and bizarre wind spells to hit some of the shops.I bought my mum an awesome Mother's Day card in the Card Factory and I also bought her some Mother's Day gifts from Home Bargains (don't judge!) a pair of ballet style slippers for holidays, 2 x face wipes that she likes, a bubble bath and some fudge. When I got home I ordered her a little plaster heart that says top mum from Lippin's Treasure Trove - I won a giveaway form her a while back and I really liked the stuff she made - shes going to do the text on the heart in the colour I want too (purple) to match my mum's room.

So I am happy I have all my mum's gifts & card sorted. I know its not for another 3 weeks but I know I will be broke by then so I wanted to get this sorted early and ready for her :)

BTW Lippin has a giveaway going on her page on FB at the moment to win one of these little hearts - it's running til 10th March 2015 - I can highly recommend her - my previous item came really well packaged and super quickly - why not pop over to her page give it a like and enter? you might even win :)

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