Monday, February 2, 2015

+ 365 Day 33

Today is Monday and my first day back at work after being off sick for a week. I have to be honest I wasn't looking forward to going back in but it wasn't too bad although I did get an official looking letter from my boss informing me I am having a sickness review which isn't so good.

Anyways I was dreading going to work but it was made easier by a really kind colleague actually sorting through all the stuff on my desk and putting it into sets of piles of things to do to make it easier for me.

It prob took her an hour to do that but it meant instead of coming in feeling stressed as hell I could come in and look at my desk and not freak out.

I am really grateful that my colleague did that :) and it made it a much more pleasant day for me

And that's today's positive short and sweet

Oh almost forgot got a cool freebie in the post today - a new product to try - Head and Shoulders Hair Thickening Spray  (excuse the clump of fur in the pic the cats decided to fight behind me as I took the pic and fur flew everywhere!!!!) Gonna try it for a week and see if it's any good

And to finish a picture of Lady cat who recently added bathroom guard to her repertoire of things to do to annoy your human number 52 lay in front of the bathroom door so it cant be closed, bonus points if you trip your human up on their way to the toilet!

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