Saturday, February 21, 2015

+ 365 DAY 50!!!!

Well I made it to day 50 - that's not bad going for an Oscar the grouch like me

Today is Thursday which is my Friday (until end of February)

Today's positive is not me basking me my own glory of making it this far you will be pleased to know.

Today's positive relates back to Monday's - since starting to lose weight and eating more sensibly there has been a knock on effect on my health. I am diabetic - I'm not a good diabetic - I love all sweet and sugary foods, I love my carbs and I dislike veggies, fish and other stuff thats good for you!

But since starting the health kick my diabetes control is way better - I actually think when I go for my next check - up they will be shocked! Normal blood glucose ranges between 4 - 6 (they recently changed the way they measure it but I'm still working on the old system) - my levels are normally between 12-15 so nearly 3 times what they should be - my last HbA1c test (this shows the average blood glucose level in the last 30-60 days) was 10 - they like it to be max of 7.

The last week when checking my bloods they have been between 6-8 so only just above normal. I am pretty sure when it come's to my next HbA1c test it's going to be down - I hope even as far as in the 6-7 range but more likely around 7-8.

It's actually really important to try and control your diabetes as if you don't there is so much long term damage that can be done - from going blind due to diabetic retinopathy (damage to the little blood vessels in the eyes) to actual amputations of limbs!

Short term damage can also include temporary blindness, loss of consciousness, blood poisoning, increased risk of infection & longer healing times, fatigue and lots of other nasties.

So today's positive is - Making one positive change in your life - leads to more positive changes occurring :)

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