Thursday, February 12, 2015

+ 365 day 43


So today in work was fun - the computer systems went down for around 3 hours - as my job involves using the computer for pretty much everything that wasn't great! At least when they did come back up I managed to complete everything I needed to do - if I hadn't then I would have had to cancel my annual leave and go in tomorrow so yay

Today's positive isn't my positive well it is but it's also my whole families :) My elderly uncle was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year and has been under going treatment. Today he got the good news that he's in the clear!!!!

HUGE thank you to the Team at Cardiff & Vale UHB who have supported him through this and Velindre NHS Trust the cancer specialist service who have been treating him as well - you guys ROCK and as well as providing physical support they have provided so much more - coffee mornings and info days where he could go along and learn more, meet others with it etc

WTG Uncle C on beating the BIG C - he would probably kill me if he saw this picture haha but here's the big guy himself :D

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