Tuesday, February 24, 2015

+ 365 Day 55

Well today has been amazing.

1.  my nose is no longer like a leaking tap and I am able to breath again without sounding like darth vader :D

2. - 3 comp prizes arrived - a load of dry nites stuff for my friend who is potty training her little boy. Shes a late mum of one and she works really hard with little support from her boys father - nappies and pj pants and the bed mats are pretty expensive and shes such a nice person she spends her lunch times collecting stuff for me for the kitty rescue, she's given me loads of bits for my sister for Harmony as her little boys a year older so he's growing out of things as she gets into them and shes just generally lovely so I am really happy I can give her these things and save her some cash on buying them I think there's like over £50 worth of bits which will hopefully help her little boy with his training.
- I also received a book all about space which I am excited about (I'm a geek I like space and I'm heading Kennedy Space Centre again in Sept)
- and I won a £100 one4all card for my tips on being thrifty :) I already promised my mum I'd share it with her so we might get some theatre tickets and dinner with it but we haven't decided yet.

3. I won a comp on twitter for a night and breakfast for 2 at St Annes Manor Hilton Hotel and Spa. Originally I thought I would take my mum for mother's day but we are already going to London the saturday after to see the country living spring fair so after chatting to my mum about it I am going to try and get a booking for around her birthday in July - and as a treat I will book us their afternoon tea as well and maybe a spa treatment I havent quite decided yet

4. And although all of the above are pretty amazing the biggest positive thing today? My 18 month old niece walked for the first time using her walker. Harmony had a difficult birth and has low tone  and has been having physio and doing exercises every day. She recently started pulling herself to stand and today she was taking little steps whilst holding onto a walker I got her :) My sister phoned me in work super excited (although I couldn't talk as I was in a meeting) she also left about 10 messages on my answerphone and took loads of pics lol. Harmony is my sisters gift. My sis had Joshua my nephew when she was 20 since then shes had several miscarriages and almost died herself due to problems. Then 3 years ago she bumped into her childhood sweetheart and they got together and she fell pregnant with Harmony at the grand old age of 41. It was a difficult pregnancy and a horrific birth but both my sis and Harmony came through it. Harmony has a few problems shes a little behind other children of her age in gross motor and physical skills but she is going to get there :)

oh and number 5 I bought a cute little cat ring for £5 from the kitty rescue - it's gorgeous :)

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