Tuesday, February 17, 2015

+365 Day 48

Today's positive relates to Day 22 - basically I found a lump n my boob it didnt go away after 4 weeks so I went to the GP. I had been attacked and had had major bruising to my boob area so she agreed with me it was highly likely to be some tissue damage caused by that but did say if it didn't resolve within another 4-6 weeks then I would need a referral to the breast clinic.

Cancer is a big concern in my family my mum has had skin cancer 3 times the last time was pretty horrific the tumour grew downwards form the corner of her eye into her nose/nasal cavities. It took them 8 hours to remove it during which time she was wide awake and they went in through the corner of her eye to remove it. It has left her with a lot of scarring that she is very self conscious about and it made her very depressed afterwards too. They have said she is likely to get it again as she gets older but luckily its a very slow growing form of cancer - shes previously had it on other areas of her face where the tumours have been smaller. My one sister had cancerous cells removed from her womb and ovaries and is under 6 month review, my other sister had a cancerous tumour removed from her tongue, my nan died from tumours in her nasal cavity and brain and my uncle has just beaten prostate cancer.

Anyways because I was driving myself nuts doing the whole examining myself thing I decided I would only check that area once a week and today when I checked lump is almost gone :) I'm 100% sure that by time 6 weeks is up it will be gone completely yay.

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