Wednesday, February 25, 2015

+ 365 Day 56

Today is Wednesday :)

Today has been a quiet day - work was work usual grumbles and mumbles and issues - computer system crashed again for about an hour, people called and complained, staff complained, other staff complained, so nothing new.

I stuck to my diet, took a walk at lunch time to try and get some exercise from sitting on my rear all day. It was nice and sunny outside which was nice.

I took a walk with the dog and took a nap and thats it.

So not really a productive day...

I did have a chat with a work friend who is going to be getting some apple crates from an old apple farm soon for her wedding and she's agree to pick a few extra up for me so I can make some thing - I'm not decided yet on what I will do with them - I am thinking of painting them brightly coloured and then lining them and filling with soil to use as planters for the garden

So today's positive is just having time to plan and think about new projects

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