Tuesday, February 3, 2015

+ 365 Day 34

Tuesday :) (in case your wondering I'm including the days so I can remember who I am and when I am posting)

Nothing stands out about today - got up fed the cats went to work came home took a nap watched tv entered some comps and thats it.

Nothing has leapt out at me waving its arms going hey you should be thankful for me or happy about me or anything so I am going to fall back on something that most deffo makes me happy.

HOLIDAYS!!! Today's happy is I just paid £500 off the holidays for September. I will prob drone on and on about my hols nearer the date but for now I will just post some of the details in brief :)

Wed 2nd Sept - travel to Gatwick stay at airport hotel
Thur 3rd Sept - Fly to Toronto and travel to Niagara Falls
Sun 6th Sept - Fly to Las Vegas :D
Thurs 10th Sept - Fly to Orlando and check in at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort Whoop
Thurs 17th Sept - transfer to Enclave Suites on International Drive (also Orlando but nearer Universal and Seaworld)
Thurs 24th Sept - transfer to second hotel on i-drive cant remember the name oops
Sat 26th Sept - Fly back to Gatwick

Pretty neat huh? I have £1000 left to pay off it so it should be paid off completely by end of March and include pretty much everything, transfers, day trips, food, tickets, flights, hotels, and a bunch of other stuff.

I'm pretty excited and I saved over £2500 per person by booking it myself rather than through a travel agent - I know those guys have to make money but seriously they would have made nearly £10k off us on 1 holiday if I booked via them - ouchies!

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