Thursday, January 29, 2015

+ 365 Days 25, 26, 27, 28 & 29

I haven't been online really for last 3/4 days as the little head cold I have had turned into full blown flu - still not 100% better but well enough to sit up and type so thought I had better get my butt in gear and add in the updates:

Day 25 - Sunday

Felt crappy all day but went out and took the dog for a walk - highly amusing how a white and tan dog became a brown and brown dog - he loved every minute of his walk over the fields despite the freezing cold and the rain :) He even behaved himself in the car after sitting on his allotted spot on the towel and having a quick bath when we got home too :) Happiness is a mud covered dog walk :D

Demon Doggy

Day 26 - Monday

Lost my voice today - you ever seen that episode of Friends where Pheobe gets a cold and gets that really husky voice? that was me. I really didnt want to be in work as I felt so poorly and couldn't concentrate on anything so was really happy that my kind supervisor said I could go home at 1pm which I did (and then spent rest of the day in bed). Having a nice supervisor in work can make all the difference when your feeling bad

Day 27 - Tuesday

Full blown flu symptoms today so stayed home from work - ear ache, head ache, sore throat, cough, temp, fever, aching all over and producer of bucketfuls of snot. Today I felt a new appreciation for my hot water bottle. I spent the day cwtched in bed cuddling a reindeer covered hot water bottle with occasional trips to the kitchen to get more squash to drink, paracetemol and to clear away the piles of used tissues. Thank you whoever invented the hot water bottle!

Day 28 - Wednesday

Felt rough as anything today and stayed home from work but was able to get myself out of bed and into the shower which I needed as I stank like a hobo and my clothes were literally sticking to me where I had sweated (you getting a nice mental picture here? I could add in about the sneezing fit at 4am where I didnt get to the tissues in time but I dont think thats necessary :P ) I dont think I have ever realised before how much I love the shower. I had to put the heating on for about 30 mins before hand as there was no way I was stripping down and getting under running water in a freezing room. It's mad to think that we only got central heating about 10 years ago - before then it wasn't uncommon to find ice on the inside of our windows! I am happy we are able to heat our small flat really well, that as we are the upstairs flat in a masionette we also benefit from our downstairs neighbours heating too as heat rises.

Day 29 - Thursday

Still feeling lousy and again not in work, I am starting to worry as I have lots of work that needs to be completed by the end of next week and by being sick all this week I am now seriously behind it all - just thinking about work makes the drummer in my head bang harder and louder :( but there isn't anything I can do about it. I am not fit to be in work, certainly not fit to be in work in a hospital and I am not safe to drive like this either so I just have to suck it up and when I get a reprimand just take it on the chin. I work hard and do my best but if I am sick I can't help that.

Today's positives are the council have come out to examine the property because we have had mildew and mould around the windows which I hate mould freaks me out - they have arranged to come back out and paint all the windows with anti-mould stuff in a couple of weeks. Yay no mould. I know it has its place I mean that's where penicillin come's from but yeah its gross

Reading back these dont make a whole lot of sense LOL trying to write with a fever does that I guess.

Also my kitties have spent all their time since I have been unwell cwtched with me - cant move without at least 1 kitty coming and sitting next to me :) love these cats

Lady found the hot water bottle
Lady and Leo snuggled with me

Morticia sat next to me

Leo and Lady having a wash after guard duty

Dena cwtching with me on the chair

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