Friday, January 23, 2015

+365 Day 22

Today's positive is a little personal and I wasn't sure if I was going to post it or go with something else instead.

Anyways at the age of 33 I recently discovered a lump in my boob. Being a chunky monkey I figured it was a fatty lump and for the last 5 weeks or so have been gingerly checking myself everyday to see if its a. gone b. gone smaller, c got bigger. The answer has been none of the above. It's remained the same grape sized lump it has been since I first discovered it.

I figured it was time to go see the GP just in case.

Now believe it or not despite having the same figure as a neanderthal goddess I have no problem with whipping everything off at the Dr's - having been diagnosed with poly-cystic ovaries at 16 & being on a 6 monthly recall for smears means that they have seen plenty of my bits which I dont usually display in public so having a Dr look at and play with my boob wasn't something that bothered me - I was just grateful that her hands were warm.

Turns out she agrees with me that its highly unlikely to be nothing sinister and is probably just a bit of damage from a huge bruise I had there. I'm to keep an eye on it and if it gets bigger or stays the same go back in 4 weeks and if it gets smaller or disappears to forget about it.

So the positive for today is being confident enough in myself to go get something like this checked out. So many women are embarrassed or afraid to go see the Dr when something doesn't feel right - I have a good friend who has one boob significantly smaller than the other (we are talking D cup and B cup) who ended up hospitalised with pneumonia because she wouldn't go to the Dr's with her severe cough because she didn't want them to go anywhere near her chest - madness

I'll leave you with this pic - it's not my pic I copied it from google but it's something every woman should know :)

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