Thursday, January 1, 2015

+ 365 Day 1 - New Years Day

Today has been a good day :)

We have been shopping in the sales - Primark once again suckered me in with all the random reduced junk that I dont actually need or want yet somehow end up buying.

Today's shop came to a whopping £34 and included (a lovely light grey gillet with furry hood £7; a base layer fleece in black for running - ha when do I run? for £3; a Hermione Grainger HP Tee for £3 for the hols after all we are going to Universal to see HP world; A Big Bang Theory Tee for £6 but I love the show; a Tiger tee for my nieces Bday in Feb for £3; 2 x packs of xmas socks for £1 for pressies for next xmas of course; a fluffy hoody with ears for £5- just cos it looked cute; jeans for £5 because I am at the awkward between sizes stage and all my jeans give me a saggy looking ass - true story!)

Also got those special people cards for Christmas for next year - my mum for some strange reason gets very put out if she gets a bog standard card! Got a couple n the card factory which lets be honest is fab and incredibly cheap anyways but all the cards and loads of stock was 1/2 price so I paid a grand total of 58p and got a nice mum card and also a card for my friend who runs a kitty rescue - merry christmas from the cat which I thought was kind of appropriate and cute. Now to store these in a safe place where I can find them again!

We have a great rule in place for New Years Day - or maybe it's a superstition? No washing or cleaning on the day as if you do you wash your life away - awesome an excuse to not wash up or put the washing on! Of course I still made the bed and cleaned the kitty litter trays and had to wash the bath out (Jac had a lovely long walk around the canal and river and came back black with mud so needed a bath and then the bath needed a bath)

Finished the day off with a few hours of free bingo down Club3000 Cardiff - Thursdays are free days - we didnt win but we had a nice evening out and we did buy dinner there - I had a lovely steak and ale pie with potatoes and veggies and gravy and mam had the worlds largest baked potatoe with about 4 cans of tuna mayo stuffed into it. Food was delicious and for dessert we had Strawberry Gateau nom nom nom - total cost for both of us was under £10 - total bargain and we had a laugh too - all in all a good night :)

Thoughts for the day:

Resolutions - I'm not making one - I am making this blog instead to try and focus on the positive everyday for the year.

If I was to make a resolution (which I am not) it would be to be happier, healthier and a better person.

I am however going to make myself a pot of positivity (is that even a word?) I am going to make it tomorrow and I am going to write out 52 positive comments about myself and stick them in a pot - once a week on the worse day of the week (which in fairness is likely to be a monday because that's when the work week starts) I am going to draw one out and read it and remind myself of something good.

Happy New Year and here's to a POSITIVE HAPPY 2015

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