Friday, January 2, 2015

+ 365 Day 2

Today's positive is thoughtful gifts. I have been sorting through my Christmas gifts and one of the best ones I had probably cost less than a lot of the others yet it's ideal for me - the person thought about what I like, what I like to do and what I need to do it and then put together a gift hamper for me.

In my case I recently acquired a sewing machine - I'm going to be honest it's a cheapo one but that's fine because I'm not really good :P

The gift I received was a little tool box filled with spare bobbins, spare machine needles, every colour cotton imaginable, zips, elastics, poppers, buttons of all different colours and sizes, actual sewing needs, a threader and a bunch of other stuff.

The whole thing may not have cost a huge amount but the thought and effort that went into it is what counts - I had a lot of expensive gifts that were bought for me not because the person thought I wanted them but as a 'that will do' gift - I am sure everyone knows the type I mean - generic gift sets which cost the earth but aren't personal that you buy as you run around like a headless chicken and think that will do for so and so and this will do for that so and so - little thought or effort.

Dont get me wrong I am not ungrateful and I do appreciate all the gifts I have received but I think the personal catered to the individual gifts are the best :)

I love my little sewing tool box and cant wait to break it open and try making things!

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