Sunday, January 11, 2015

+ 365 Days 4 - 11 (Internet has been down:( )

So my wonderful (not) sky has been messing around for the last week and that along with being back to work has meant I haven't had chance or opportunity to update the blog I have however made notes in word which I am transferring below for each day :)

Day 4 Sunday :)
Today's positive - I got to sleep in whoot. As someone who doesn't really sleep a lot and spends a lot of the time going through life in a tired sleep deprived haze sleeping late is an awesome thing. Today was also the day that my dad left for his hotel in Bristol before flying out to Benidorm tomorrow morning for 2 months! I like spending time with my dad but he is LOUD so it's nice to have peace and quiet in the flat and I am sure he is happy to be a) sleeping in a bed rather than on a sofa and b) away from the cats and dog as he's allergic to their fur and has to take daily antihistamines when he is here.

Day 5 Monday
Today was the first day back in work following 2 wonderful weeks off. The positive today was seeing some of my work colleagues - I get on well with most of them and it was nice to catch up and find out how their time off had been, what their kiddies had been up to etc and generally have a chin wag. Having work colleagues you like can make a tedious repetitive I want to drill my own brain out job at least a little bit more endurable.

Day 6 Tuesday
So today I made the most awesome food ever! Seriously I can't cook but this was gorgeous. I basically used up all the left over stuff that was in the fridge - tomatoes, leek, onion, potatoes, that weird cubed Italian bacon bits, some left over tinned ham, mushrooms and tinned potatoes, fried it all up with a bit of seasoning and then whisked up some eggs and poured it over. I was hoping for edible but it came out divine! Even my mum and uncle enjoyed it especially with the left over sour cream dip from Christmas. And being on a roll I made a curry ready for tomorrow dinner too. It's amazing when you actually make something that tastes good, is good for you too and is cheap :)

Day 7 Wednesday
Hump day hump day!!! This week is dragging the happiness at seeing my work colleagues has now turned into the arrggghhh do I have to go feeling for work. But today is hump day which means its a slope towards the weekend! Today's positive is pretty much like yesterdays in that the curry I made was again edible, tasty and enjoyed. I'm one of those people who get grumpy when I am hungry so a nice dinner makes me happy :) and my mum did the dishes too!

Day 8 Thursday
Today I came home from work to a HUGE box I was really excited what could it be??? I opened it and it was a competition win from back before Christmas - a star candle holder. Now I was expecting like a tea light holder but this was way better - it's a metal star (pentagram) shaped holder which holds 10 (yes 10!) candles in little silvery glass jars. This will hold yankee sampler candles or tealights (I need to buy another 6 or so yankees to fit lol) and also came with 2 extra spare glass holders - they obviously heard about my ability to trip over air and drop everything! Parcels are always an awesome thing to receive unlike envelopes which often contain bills lol and to get something so pretty was awesome and made me very happy (I've put a pic on here but it really doesn't do it justice its truly gorgeous)

Star Candle Holder
Sparkly Glass bits to go in it :)

Day 9 Friday
Last day of work before the weekend woohoo. Today I got an e-mail telling me that me and the 4 cats had been selected to take part in a months trial of Purina cat food. This is very exciting - my kitties are quite fussy when it comes to food - they wont touch whiska's or pets at home own food - the only thing they will eat is the ludicrously expensive stuff or the mildly expensive Felix as good as it looks. I <3 my kitties and having them happy makes me happy and I think this food is gonna make them very happy - until it runs out lol

Day 10 Saturday
Simple things - today we took the dog to the park for a walk - he's completely bonkers and he and I enjoyed every minute of it. We even had a quick look in the charity shop where once again I ended up with yet more books. I love books and reading but I go through phases where I buy loads and loads and read them all and end up with piles of them forming in my room and then I get annoyed and take them all to the charity shop...and it starts again. Here is a picture of Jac the dog - he's a Schitzu x Jack russell and he looks a bit like an ewok

Day 11 Sunday
My internet is working woohoo

Today's positive is family time. My nice came round and we went to my sisters to see my other nice, my sister, my aunty and uncle (who live next door) my big nephew and my great nephew (the big nephew's son) and their pets. I took down a little tykes car we got my little niece off freebies which as you can see she loved and so did my great nephew too :)

Broom broom

D finally getting a go

H 'driving the car'

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