Friday, January 16, 2015

+ 365 Day 13 14 & 15

So my internet is still intermittent (come on sky pull your finger out!) but I have been writing up the blog briefly on word to transfer over when I get a signal :)

Day 13 - Tuesday

Another successful diet day woohoo although I am now starting to imagine people, objects the cats as bars of walking chocolate!!!

Today's positive is online friendships. I'm not a hugely social butterfly - I dont particularly like great big crowds of people and I'm getting old now so meeting like minded people can be difficult. I am sure there are other people out there who are 33, fat, obsessed with disney, like fantasy and sci-fi and love a good korma but finding them is a difficult thing. However thanks to social media I am linked in with hundreds of like minded weirdos :) If it's 2 am and I want to chat to someone about the latest Discworld novel there's bound to be a friend online from the states or Oz willing to chat :) If I want a Disney pin that's limited release and can only be bought in DisneyLand Anaheim at 5am on the 3rd day of the 3rd month with the moon waxing well there's a friend online who will do that for me too.

More seriously the net and social media allows us to connect to people we would never have the opportunity to meet before and I really do have friends online from all over the world as well as local to home too. So today I am happy that we have the technology and ability to communicate with ease :)

This is my current FB profile piccy - meow :)

(on a side note I dont play farmville stop inviting me please dear go make it stop!!!!)

Day 14 - Wednesday

Hump day hump day humpity dumpity HUMP DAY - halfway through the working week whoop whoop.

Today I discovered why the plants in the kitchen are dying! Little Lady our special needs kitty is playing/eating/destroying them. Her very very guilty look when caught made me smile today and my positive for today is furry family members who make me happy - unfortunately I didnt have my camera to hand to capture it however - Lady is always getting into mischief and trouble. Here are a few of my fave photo's of her

Look into my will hand over the chicken 
I don't like it!!!

Quick hold my paw I just saw a HUGE spider

Day 15 - Thursday

I won an awesome competition for an amazing prize. Seriously I love comping and I do it while I am watching the tellybox or when I have some time and I have won some cool little prizes from a little benefits makeup set to smal items like handwarmers, candle holders and trolley keys but today I had an e-mail about winning an awesome prize. I have won a  *drumroll please* a Diana F+ Deluxe Kit

Now everyone reading is going to be like what?

So I have basically won a really cool retro look old school camera - the type that still uses film! It also comes with a selection of different lenses and a bunch of accessories in a nice presentation box the whole thing is worth around £150 too so it's not cheap. I am super excited for the prize to arrive now :)

My prize!

and all the bits that you get with it

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