Thursday, January 1, 2015

+ 365 - 1 New Years Eve :)

Today's positive is:

I went back to the pub where I was attacked, sat and had a nice meal with family and stayed for a couple of hours watching the entertainment - and I was nervous as a kitten but did it.

I have to admit I am afraid that this crazy woman will attack me again if she sees me in a public place - since she attacked me I have been out every single day to try and curb and manage my nervousness and fear and it has been quite difficult.

The physical marks are fading rapidly but I think the psychological scars will take a little longer to heal up. I have traveled the globe by myself without fear but since the attack the thought of going to the local shops makes me nervous. I will however overcome this :) I know it

Short entry to the blog but a major achievement for me

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