Tuesday, December 30, 2014

+ 365 - 3 & 2

+ 365 - 3

Today's positives :) (except it was yesterday)

- the marks on my face have almost completely healed :)

- kitties - never underestimate the joy of listening to a kitties purr - I have 4 cats and they are all different and I love them all - they know when I am upset or sad or just need them near me

- a new hot water bottle :) my hot water bottle which I had for several years gave up the ghost - literally all the rubber came apart and poured out oops - happily for Christmas I was gifted a new one which came with a rather fetching rudolph reindeer cover - nothing beats getting into bed and having a nice warm hot water bottle to put your feet on - toastie goodness

+ 365 - 2 today today :)

- bargain hunting - everyone loves a bargain and today I picked up 60 packs of loom bands at 1p each - a angry birds darth vader plush keyring and some toys ready for the kids birthday/easter gifts plus choccies all for under £4 - bargalicious!

- fluffy hedgehog slippers! It's been freezing the last couple of days and I have a stunning pair of hedgehog booty slippers (another gift) which have been keeping my toes nice and toasty - happiness is warm feet!

- sorting out stuff - a declutter always makes me feel better - getting rid of stuff can be difficult I think at heart I am a secret hoarder oops but today I got rid of several bags of clothing and bits and pieces which I havent used or worn in over a year. As well as decluttering and making myself feel good these items have gone on to help other people as I offered them up on me2u freebies.

- the gift of giving - I dropped some items off today to Maxine's Moggies a kitty charity - some toys my 4 dont use - all spruced up and washed and re-sprayed with cat nip, 2 kitty stockings I bought in the sales with toys, some treats and a kitty bed - helping others makes me happy and helping kitties in need makes me happy too so its win win

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