Wednesday, December 24, 2014

+365 - 8 :)

8 days before I officially start my challenge but keeping up with the pre-challenge bit -

Today's things that have made me happy/been positive/made my thankful:

- I recently contacted a company on facebook about a product of theirs I had bought in a shop in Newport - I bought 4 x packs of alphabet beads but there were no 'N's - I sent them a message on FB saying I was disappointed and they asked for the batch number which I gave them and they said they would send me some 'N's in the post. Today I got a UPS delivery from them which not only contained a pack of 5 'N's but also a selection of their other crafting materials - amazing customer service - they could have ignored my message or told me to take the faulty product back to the shop but instead they stepped up with excellent customer service - way to go MultiCraft Imports of Canada - faith in retail has been restored!

- free cupcakes :) nom nom nom from a lovely lady off me2u freebies a fab freecycling facebook group

- Charity shop shopping - I love getting a good bargain and charity shops are full of them. I am lucky because within 10-15 mins walk of my house there's around 10 of them and they always have new stock in. My favourite one is on thats near the library and today I got mega bargains! I spent around £12 but got s much goodies including: a cigarette card framed poster for my dad for Christmas as he collects this sort of thing - it's a modern repo but an older modern repo from the 80's so he's gonna be happy :) a beautiful wooden jewellery box - again a modern repo but still very pretty and fits in with the decor of my room, a blouse and trousers for work (I HATE buying clothes for work it annoys me - it's bad enough having to go to work but paying for stuff to wear there? ouchie) happily both blouse and trousers can also be worn outside of work and still look awesome, a winnie the pooh jigsaw and 9 books - phew told you I got a lot for my money

Here's a quick picky of a couple of my buys :)

- today I got an awesome freebie in the post - a voucher for a free 400g bag of Royal Canin cat food - my 4 kitties LOVE this food and will happily devour the whole bag in an hour if I let them

- I finally completed my latest jigsaw - I say finally because it has genuinely taken me ages - I think its because it's a round puzzle and has weird shaped pieces but I have prob spent around 8 hours over the last 3-4 weeks doing it - there were times when I thought forget it lets just box it up and move on but I persevered and am happy it's completed

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