Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Day & Boxing Day - a Mixed bag + 365 - 6 & 5

I'm writing this kinda late as its now the day after boxing day.

Christmas day was fab I had many amazing gifts, many weird what the hell were they thinking gifts, lots of great food and pleasant times with the family. My family is nuts but its mine :)

Boxing day was very bad - traditionally me, the parents and my uncle go for dinner on boxing day. This year a kid jumped the queue for the gravy, because I wouldnt give up the spoon to her she stamped on my foot and kicked me and then screamed blue bloody murder. Told her mum I had stood on her and I had a mouthful of vile abuse - seriously no matter how annoyed you are you shouldn't use that language in front of kids. After this shaky start the meal was lovely, company again fab. At the end of the meal the mum again started screaming obscenities and abuse at me, when I turned my back on her she proceeded to fling food over me and when I turned around and lifted my arm to protect myself from the next onslaught of cranberry sauce she launched into a full blown attack on me. As she hit my glasses off and I am pretty much blind without them I have no idea what was going on other than I tried to push her away and she tried to claw out my eyes, yanked out my hair, scratched all my face, kicked and punched me and had to be dragged off by 2 people - all in front of her daughter. The whole thing was horrific and left me incredibly shook up - police are involved but whether anything will happen who knows?

Following on from that it's very hard to be positive - I'm in a lot of pain, have a semi-black eye, tonnes of scratches and bruises and hurt all over. However, I am grateful to the manageress who tried to drag the crazed woman off me, my dad who did his best to protect my eyes, the kitchen staff who came running to help, the manager who called the police and had the foresight to take down the woman's car registration number, the police who came out within an hour and everyone who gave witness statements.

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