Monday, December 22, 2014

+ Positive 3 6 5

Welcome to my brand spanking shiny new blog.

It's called Positive 365 and it's a personal challenge for me to find something good, heart warming, makes me smile, positive etc every single day for a year - which is going to be hard - grumpy cat has nothing on me!

I decided to do this after doing 5 days 5 things and 100 days happy on Facebook this year (completed the 5 days 5 things, didn't complete 100 days happy because I kept forgetting but did get to around 85 or so which isn't bad).

I am pretty grumpy in general - especially in the morning - I am not one of those people who leaps out of bed full of joy, I do warm up in the day - I achieve Victor Meldrew level's of joy by lunchtime usually. I also suffer from Hanger! Yep if I dont eat regularly I get grumpy, then I get cross and then I turn into a psycho!

Anyways my challenge to myself for the year is to be more positive, to be more cheerful, to be more happy and to take more pleasure in the small things in life.

I have started this blog early (my challenge will officially start on January the 1st - like a new years resolution) to try and lead myself into it gently - Christmas is coming, I am off work, there's going to be good food, drink and pressies a-plenty which should all lead to warm fuzzy feelings of joy!

I am also going to post on it some other things as I go along as pages - they may or may not relate to +365 - I haven't really decided yet - which is fun as I am starting with a completely blank slate.

So today is Pre+365 minus 9

- things that made me happy today:

1) mini stollen from ALDI - at £1.99 a pack these bad boys are super delicious and very moreish and me and my dad after a hard trek around the shops getting in Christmas supplies ate the whole pack on our drive home oops

2) freebies arrived :) a 100g bag of purina one for small dogs for the pooch - free stuff is good stuff

3) surprise comp wins - postie knocked and had not 1 but 2 parcels for me! Turned out I had won 2 separate comps but both prizes were delivered today - a new blood glucose monitor that is apparently pain free to use (I'm diabetic and let me tell you stepping on a hairbrush whilst busting for a pee in the middle of the night is less painful than using a tiny pin to draw blood for testing - true story) and a world book day book - Deadly Pole to Pole Diaries. Which was awesome as I really didn't have much for my teenage animal mad niece for Christmas and now she has a brand new book all about crazy landscapes and the creatures inhabiting them - so its win and win yay

4) Gift giving - I'm a member of a large freebie/freecycling community and through it I have met some awesome and frankly inspiring people. Today I sent small gifts to one family who I felt deserved them and it felt good to give :) I also donated some chocolate and sweets to a mum and young daughter with nothing for Christmas and a goody bag to the mum of twin boys.  Each and every person was so grateful and it wasn't even a lot.

5) Butterfly lights - bought in B&M for the tiny price of £1.99 this pack of 10 battery operated lights are now adorning my headboard and are all sparkly and purdy - they would make a fab gift for a 10 year old girl (although this 33 year old woman is loving them too :)

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