Wednesday, December 24, 2014

+ 365 - 7

Yesterday's post only got published today because my laptop had a fit and stopped working - happily it's back up again today :)

So today is Christmas Eve and here is my list of things to be +ve for:

- Having a family who generally love and support me and like spending time with me - as they say you can choose your friends but your stuck with your family - mine might be screwy and weird but it's mine :)

- Being healthy - well kinda - I may have loads of things wrong with me but nothing is particularly life threatening and this leads on to my next point:

- living in a country where we have the NHS - yeah there are plenty of problems with it - under funded, under staffed and under appreciated but without the NHS I probably wouldn't be healthy - hell being a premmie baby I might not even be here. We forget sometimes how lucky we are to have such a service and today (after spending 3 hours sorting out my meds for the next 4 weeks) I can say I am thankful and appreciative of what we have :)

- Of not being injured, of the parents and animals not being injured when the lightbulb just exploded in the living room - I mean seriously exploded like BOOM SHATTER SMASH - glass flew in every direction up to about 2m from the light itself. Happily we are all okay and the sad little remains of the bulb came away with tweezers so I could fit another one - in some kind of serendipitous twist today in ASDA I just bought a 2-pack of new bulbs for the living room!

- Happy to receive a sweet little freebie arriving in the post for my dad - another free whisky bottle label :)

- and I am positive that tomorrow morning my entire living room will be covered in bits of wrapping paper with all 4 kitties and the dog going absolutely bonkers playing with it - whilst we enjoy our gifts which are threatening to over run the tree

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