Saturday, December 27, 2014

+ 365 - 4

Following on from the chaos and madness of yesterday today has been a good day.

When I got up this morning a lot of the marks had faded from my face - although I still look like someone decided to play naughts and crosses on me. The police photographer came to take photos but apart from that I haven't heard any more from the police so no idea what is going to happen with this woman.

On to today's positives :)

- Free Zoflora - I won a bottle of the cinnamon spice zoflora and it arrived today - yayness - this stuff if absolutely fabulous and we go through bottles of it. It smells great and is pet friendly too.

- Rather than hide away all day which I really felt like doing (everything hurts:( ) I decided to carry on with my plans and go out sales shopping!!! Spent a grand total of £58 and I have now got birthday presents for everyone for the next year and started on the Christmas gifts too :)

- Also got to chat online to some good friends - so many of my friends live away (the ones I met through Uni and through working in the USA) and I miss them a lot - it can be difficult to make time to meet up as everyone has busy lives so chatting online is the next best thing

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