Saturday, January 24, 2015

An update on our ProPlan Trial

So it's now been a week since we started the trial of ProPlan Delicate cat food with Lady.

This what we think so far:

Wet Food:

Ease of opening packaging - I am sure I am not the only one who has had kitty gravy/jelly/juice from the food squirt over them when opening up the pouches its gross. These pouches are easy to open and so far no squirting incidents!

Getting the food out of the pouch - this is surprisingly difficult the food sticks like glue to the inside of the packet and you cant just pour it out - you have to get a spoon and scrape it out - no idea how they could resolve this maybe an easy slide coating on the inside?

Look and smell - the food looks really appetising and smells okay too - no long lasting odours

Tastiness -  I haven't personally tried it but Lady seem's to like it well enough. The first 1-3 days she wolfed it down last 4 days or so she hasn't been as keen. I think she might be getting a bit bored of only having one flavour to eat every day. I think if they could do 2 or more different flavours it would be better as you could mix it up each day.

Dry Food:

Easy open and seal packaging is a fab idea keeps the food nice and fresh and stops the kitties from eating it all - unfortunately my other cats decided to chew a hole in the bag which they managed with relative ease so its now in a carrier bag in a box in a cupboard!!

Look and smell - it looks pretty boring uniform size and shape and colour to the biscuits. It doesn't really have a strong smell at all so can leave the biscuits out in the bowl all day without it smelling out the room.

Tastiness - Lady munches her way happily through the biscuits and has done since day one - some days she seems to prefer the biscuits to the meat as she will fill up on biscuits and just have a few bites of the wet food. My other cats are obsessed with the biscuits to the point (see above) that I have to lock them away. They act like it's some kind of huge treat and keep stealing a few biscuits when my back is turned!

Results: We are impressed with the food so far - it seems to be doing the job Lady has a sensitive stomach and no wind or diarrhea since eating it. Lady is a pretty active little cat and runs around like a loon so she's obviously getting her nutritional needs met by this food too. Her coat is very shiny and glossy and she seems quite happy in herself. She prefers the dry food over the wet - mainly I suspect because the wet is all one flavour which she is finding boring now.

We have around another 2 weeks of the trial to go and will update again in a week or so :)

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