Monday, January 12, 2015

+ 365 Day 12

Today I started my diet - I weigh like 93kgs which is clearly not healthy so I am on a diet. I havent done too badly today which makes me think a sensible and healthy eating diet is something I can achieve:

Today's Menu:

- Breakfast -  Tesco own meal replacement shake
- Lunch - vegetable soup
- Dinner - sweet and sour pork with rice
- snack -  muller light yoghurt
- snack - orange club

Okay so that might not seem a huge diet but for me its a vast improvement on my usual one of:

- Breakfast - 2 x toast or bacon baguette
- Lunch - pie and chips, sausage and chips, pasta bake etc
- Dinner - pizza and hot dogs! Curry, Fish and chips etc
- Snacks - pack of crisps / 2 pack of crisps
- Snacks - chocolate bar
- Snacks - 4-6 biscuits
- Snacks - icecream, yoghurt
- Snacks - toast / bowl of cereal

My plan is to have a meal replacement shake for breakfast, followed by soup for lunch (without bread) and then a regular meal in the evening and to cut down on the snacks - I am going to allow myself 2 snacks a day one of which can be a naughty snack e.g 3 regular biscuits. 1 small chocolate biscuit and one which has to be a good snack - fruit or yoghurt or similar and to try and cut down on the amount of bread and carbs I eat. Hopefully my body will get used to eating less and I can then cut the snacks down to just 1 a day and this will also help improve my diabetes control too.

So surviving todays diet start is my positive (I'm now going to bed feeling slightly hungry!)

NB also won a football in a comp too today - bonus!

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