Friday, January 16, 2015

+365 Day 16 - Purina ProPlan Trial

Lady and I have been selected to partake in some market research on Purina ProPlan - well Lady is going to test it and I'm going to do the paperwork :)

We had an e-mail yesterday saying our pack was dispatched and it arrived today - Lady was very impressed with it all

Oooh a box a beautiful box - how did you know I wanted one????...what do you mean this isn't the best part?

Mine...all mine mwahahahameow

 Included in the box is:

2 x 10 pack of sensitive pouches
1 x 5kg back of sensitive dry kibbles
1 x 10 pack regular proplan pouches (to give as samples)
4 x sample pack of regular kibbles
1 x sample pack of dental kibbles
1 x sample pack of steralised kitty kibbles
5 x discount coupons (£3 off wet/£5 off dry)
1 x questionnaire pad
6 x 2 product leaflets
1 x research book
1 x kibble roll

 So for Lady we have the sensitive food - Lady has a bit of a dodgy tummy so if she eats regular kitty food she gets diarrhea and wind - neither of which are pleasant for her or for us either!

Lady normally gets 1/2 a pouch of wet in the morning and night and then kibble/dry is left down throughout the day for her to munch on along with plenty of fresh water.
mmm my pouches

I gave Lady half a pouch of food this morning and she was super keen to get into it. She really enjoyed the food and found it easy to eat off the plate and licked the plate clean too.
nom nom nom

Anything left on my whiskers?

 I put the kibble roll together with some kibble bits but Lady didn't really understand the concept - being a special (she has a little bit of brain damage-was starved of oxygen a bit at birth due to an emergency c-section) My other cat Morticia was very interested in the kibble and stole a few pieces too!
Kibble Roll

Filled kibble roll

Morticia discovering the kibbles  

mm delicious kibble

Lady getting stuck into the kibble too

 As my kitties have given aPAWroval of the food I will be passing on some of it to my kitty owned friends too.

I spent a few minutes scanning through the information that came with the pack and put together 5 sample packs for friends which will have 2 x pouches of food, a sample of kibble, information sheets and the money off vouchers

 We will continue the trial with Lady and I'll update on how good the sensitive food is too (once she's used the litter tray yuck)

So far we are impressed :D

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