Thursday, March 19, 2015

+ 365 Day 78


Today is a good day because I get paid tomorrow! WOOHOO pay day

I have also been working on my CV as I want to apply for some new jobs. I am lucky enough to have a job which pays okay but I am really bored there - I have been working in the same place now for 9 years, and there is no training opportunities and I am top end of the pay scale too so no pay rises or anything else.

So I am looking at trying something different there are a few jobs I am interested in so been working on getting my CV updated because I haven't updated it in forever.

So while I was working on my CV I as thinking about some of the jobs I have had. I suppose I am lucky as I have never had a gap of more than 6 weeks of being out of work since I was 16.

And I thought I would tell you about some of my jobs:

Shop work - I've worked for tesco, poundstretcher, marks & spencer and asda in their stores - I actually really enjoyed working in shops and it was my first job to

Bar/Restaurant - I've worked for Wetherspoons as a bar maid, an independent cafe in Cardiff as a waitress and in the chippy and restaurant in the UK area in Dineyworld Orlando oh and at McDonalds too

Admin -  Tesco finance and the nhs

Others - Taxi controller for a couple of different companies, stock counter at burberry and working on a market stall

Now the best job was obviously working at disneyworld - being a huge disney geek it was a dream come true - I got to spedn a year working and living in disney and of course playing in the parks!

So the new jobs I am looking into are customer service based and they close this weekend so I kinda need to crack on with the applications :)

Todays positive is being employed :) I may whinge and moan about work but I wouldn't be able to enjoy the things I get to do like day trips and holidays if I didn't have a job to go to

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