Monday, March 23, 2015

+ 365 Day 82


Why is the work week sooooo long yet the weekend sooooo short? LOL

Today was a good day in work - I got loads done despite my computer crashing numerous times and kicking me out of programmes after I had written massive long casenotes which I then lost grrr - I keep asking for a new computer but I dont think they want to give me one!

No news on my aunty yet - but keeping positive no news is good news right?

Today we went out for dinner with my uncle - we wanted to go to our local carvery but they had the cheek to close it for a refurb - how rude! So we went to a local pub instead which has a lovely atmosphere and nice food. I had a delicious chicken, bacon and garlic tagliatelle - it was seriously good and I cleared the plate :) My uncle ordered the mixed grill which was mahoosive - seriously half a dead farm was on the plate - and he doesnt like steak so I ended up having his steak as well as my own food.

We had a good chat about the holidays and stuff and he seemed really upbeat which was great as he's been a bit depressed recently what with my aunty being so unwell and his health not being good.

So today's positive is a repeat of an earlier one and that is good times with family :)

** The lack of photos on the blog (and updates to the wins/freebies) is due to my lack of phone to take photos - it's apparently been posted today so hopefully I will have it back by the end of the week and can make things a bit more interesting with photos again:) ) **

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